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Become New

for Groups

Journey through series content with your community. Grow together spiritually one day at a time.

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Each of the series listed below is available for subscription. Simply sign up and begin receiving once-daily emails with a video, bulleted recap, and a daily invitation to put the teaching into practice.
The leader of your group can subscribe, or each member of your group can sign up when you agree to study the content together. Or, you’re welcome to simply experience the content solo even if you’re not currently in a small group. No matter how you choose to engage, we’re glad you’re here.


Start a New Series

Pick a series, subscribe, and get daily content to help you grow spiritually one day at a time, individually or as a group.

HOME Series

Learn how to be at home in the presence of your loving Father by putting into practice the disciplines that Jesus himself modeled for us. This series is 18 days in total.

Second Thoughts

In this series, we’ll reconsider our strategy for living with the core teachings of Dallas Willard. This series is 31 days in total.

In The Beginning

Join us for a journey through Genesis. Let’s study what it was like when God created the world and everything in it. This series is 39 days in total.

Radical Acceptance

Embark on an Advent journey with us throughout a 20-day series as we discover that acceptance is truly the answer.


Character is the moral and mental quality distinctive to an individual. Join us for a 37-day conversation about the formation of character.

Start a Become New Bible Plan

Did you know some of your favorite Become New series are featured on the YouVersion Bible App? Browse all of our available Plans below and choose one to experience with your small group. Just use the “Plans With Friends” feature in the app.


Join us for 14 days of renewing our minds by starting off each day with one Christ-centered, compelling, memorable thought. 


Join us for 17 days as we learn about the practices Jesus himself lived out in order to be at home in the presence of his heavenly Father. 


Sit in on 7 conversations with Alan George, John Ortberg, and Nancy Ortberg discussing the challenges of leadership in our day and age and coming back to Jesus as our leader on leadership.

It should be easy to take your next step to becoming new.