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Helping you lead more like Jesus, one day at a time.

Let’s learn together what the Bible says about leadership, how to lead like Jesus did, and how to care for our souls in the process.


Here's what it's all about...

Start from the Beginning. Part 1: The Leader's Moment


Rediscovering Leadership is a seven-week series with once-weekly videos on leadership through the lens of today’s culture. Join us as we discover how to truly lead like Jesus did.

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“We follow a man who called everyone to be a follower and no one to be a leader.”

Jesus was the perfect example of an incredible leader. But His focus wasn’t on leading. His focus was on following the Father. Let’s learn together about how we can do the same and in turn, grow as leaders.

There’s never been a better time to lead. Let’s look at some important questions about spiritual formation and soul care together.

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